Nicholas Wilton – ‘my painting are visual poems’ – Multi layered and complex paintings that ‘hint at underlying feelings and the complexity of our lives’ removed from iconography his abstract works defined by a method which defines, through its processes series negative spaces which are sometimes excavated and at others defined are integral to the end composition. The balance of which is drawn out through Wilsons ‘optimism and hopefulness’ according to his artists statement.

His process is to begin a canvass with a series of marks, not necessarily descriptive of objective, which are then subject to a process of masking. Working over the canvass to obscure marks which are not pleasing him until only those marks which speak to him remain.

He works on loose canvass, usually on the floor. The first layer is confusing and cluttered.  Once this is dry he begins to rationalise, ‘editing things out’ He says it’s easier to work this way than to try to add bits you like!

I have been looking at quite a lot of work which uses this method of redaction.

It’s interesting that he refers to his work as visual poetry, but only once in his statement, he doesn’t seem to mention it again in his utube videos or in other interviews. However, I do see a kind of link and it may be that his way of working on five or six canvasses at one time lends itself to the rhythm and cadence in poetry: The marks a reference to the iconography of the spoken or written word.