Finding artists works which involve the encounter and a sense of altered authorship. Perception = Awareness

I (as in ego) and Other (as in Context) – the philosophies of Levinas and Kenaan.

I am really looking forward to seeing this exhibition in London next month. It seems the whole exhibition plays to the idea of I and Other, which is the context of philosophies I will use to frame my projects next year.

The Tate says “Eliasson puts experience at the centre of his art. He hopes that as you encounter it, you become more aware of your senses”.

“You add meaning to the works as you bring your associations and memories to these experiences”

and… “You might also become more aware of the people around you with whom you form a temporary community”

I think I will gain a lot from experiencing how he (with his 100 strong team of Architects, technicians etc.) intends to create self awareness in the context of an artwork something which relates to my own creatve framework for next years project.

There is something of the contemporary participatory art practice in his notion that by experiencing his artwork and becoming aware of yourself in the context of the works that you form part of collective responsibility for the ethos inbued in the work.  For instance, Eliasson want you become aware of yourself in the context of climate change as you experience Glacial or for you to acknowledge yourself as part of a group in the works which play with light and reflections.

From a practical point of view I will be interested to see the maquettes created to explore the possibilities in the works I think I will create small scale versions of my ideas efore launching into the full blown full scale pieces.

The catlaogue suggests that moving through the exhibition takes us on a journey which charts Eliasson’s career. There are examples of early works which are, particularly, to do with the climate and project his concerns over our effect on climate change. These were created when Eliasson was still at school in the early 90’s. The journey through the exhibition takes you on a prgressionof his career with later pieces including projections and works specifically designed to highlight our awareness of ourselves in a relationship with the works, ourselves and others in the vicinity.

His recent work Kalidascope sounds perfect:

“For the artist, the kaleidoscope offers more than just a playful visual experience. Multiple reflections fracture and reconfigure what you see. You are offered different perspectives at once, and understand your position in new ways. You might let go of the sense of being in command of space, and instead enjoy a kind of uncertainty”

It will be interesting to experience how he blurs the boundaries between one notion and another through this work which brings together the inside and ourside space of the exhibition “The appearance of both changes as the boundary between the gallery and the world outside is dissolved”

I am wondering how this might equate to the ideas I have for my project in terms of changing perceptions, or at least highlighting the idea that change can occur and yet still reflect both I (as in ego) and Other (as in the context) (See SEP- Levinas). A notion I am reading about in Hagi Kenaan’s The ethics of Visuality – Levinas and the Contemporary gaze”