following the closing quesiton –

“If any of you can relate to this concept self-awareness in terms of the encounter it would be interesting to hear how you relate to what I have said….however, I realise that I may just have left everyone completely perplexed!”

Notes kindly taken by DL – Thanks Debs xx

Derek started by saying he recognised the boundary’s that you are discussing

Sue and Tabatha were reminded of Chinese Whispers and the games we payed with Tabatha.

You said you felt you were trying to challenge the anxiety in yourself in the experience of the space created in a conversatiol encounter

Sue asked, have you tried to document the conversations is some way? Recording them etc? Will this bring awareness of the other noises within the space of the conversation?

You mentioned here the conversation with Jack about when you are stressed you can listen to two or three conversations at once.

Donna wondered if this was a form of ultra awareness.. fight or flight?

Anya asked you to talk about books here and asked you to talk about drawing and printmaking? I mentioned the lovely sketchbook which you showed me the other week.

AL talked about the structures that you have made you had wondered if you needed to build a big structure and AL suggested that you  enjoy the delightful moments instead…

Derek suggested that the balloons could be to block the visuals so there are just sounds.

Sue and Derek liked the bell structures from your drawings they felt the seemed like they could knock together. G wants to use the idea to build big bells knocking into one another.

AL said it was interesting that you simplified the language that you were using which made it so much more accessible as the language had been a barrier before.

Andy would like to see more balloon pictures and hoped you could set up more (sounds like he’s volunteering!!)

Tabatha recommend looking at different types of microphones; record form your ear, your jaw etc. Might be worth looking at and to create restrictions or space… the bell piece might do that?

Anya said do this stuff here even though you might not have access to the equipment after the MA you never know what you can get funding for etc (and heck it’s here for us to use {my note!!})

Watch  a film called Me, You and everyone we know… (I’ve just looked it up on youtube and am not sure that is the right title as it’s a regular film though it looks really good! You might want to check this with Anya)

Also recommended a book the practice of every day life but I’m not quite sure which chapter but it’s about reading and conversations….

Hope this is ok and helpful… watch the film anyway it looks cute!

Debs xxxx