Naum Gabo-1890–1977

Constructions Depicting Space.

Intriguing, and progressive sturctures.  Gabo’s use of celluloid and perspex was radical at the time and his siting of this structure against the backdrop of the sea my well have rendered it almost invisable.

There are elements of interest in the construction and visual impact of these structures which relate in part to Between You & Me.

I like the way that the pieces reflect his interest in describing space, all be it with a mathmatical bent, and also his inovative use of a new material. The translucence and ephemeral qualities are also a draw, although I am sure that the 2d representation possibly adds a lightness to tehconstructions which may not be so present in the actual encounter because perspex will have a solidity to it despite its see through nature.

Medium: Perspex and celluloid
Date: 1936
Dimensions: Object: 324 x 470 x 220 mm
Collection: Tate
“This version was probably made in 1939-40, and appears in a photograph taken by the sculptor Barbara Hepworth (1903-75) during the Second World War, showing it against the background of the sea at Carbis Bay. Gabo’s use of materials in this series was particularly important in the development of his plastic sculpture. ” @Tate Jacky Klein September 2002


Title: Linear Construction in Space No. 2
Date: 1957–1958
Medium:SculptureSize:38 cm. (15 in.)

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This piece would possibly seem to describe the space is occupies more sympathetically. the thread and threads and the spaces between them could offer a better physical manifestation of a space.

Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 06.58.51
MEdium: Plastic, Size: 18″ square 

This third piece made in the 1940’scombines the properties of both previous works and, in my opinion, works well. The reflectivity of the perspex  and the spaces between the threads work to create a lightness which describes space very well for me.