I’ve come across several printmakers who present their prints in a more interesting way than straight onto the wall and Eva Isaksen has a multi-faceted practice which includes print, mosaic and painting.

The mosaics are a straight representational interpretation of her abstract mark-making approach. However, with the painting and printmaking there is a symbiotic relationship which makes the best use of the thin papers she uses for her printmaking. They are often mounted thickly one over another onto the canvass as she builds up an image which has something of a three-dimensional quality to it.

Screenshot 2019-10-27 at 17.24.15

Her feature piece is this collaged wall, the prints will have an interesting quality of movement (one assumes) as people walk past the layers which are only fixed at the top of each sheet. This adds an interesting dimension to her piece.

all images from http://www.evaisaksen.com/