A selection of texts by contributers at a life drawing class

“Oh! Let there be light” he coo’s – Monk Jack – he has a chain around his neck; yet a slave won him his Oscar
Despite first transmission danger from the atmosphere.

A grounded goatee on his left. The word Invictus unconquered,
A meaning set in a near future overwhelming
He plays; sweeping, strengthening through a conducted extinction
or an environmentally significant burden?

An astronaut don’t show weakness he’ll always be a strong ,open, an outstanding worker pending an expanding liquidation of the environmentally conscious – considering the invasion of species,

Oh Dear! A sustainable crust, a sustainable ‘acean faked by conmen in a false representation of multimillion departments.

It is criminal, it is considered fraud but as a scheduled data match it is considered acceptable.
Even a tonic for older people, for dementia brains.

Active, improving a ceremony with powerful moments
I don’t think any of this should distract.


I have asked if they might do more but it may be a a step to far.  I loved the way they didn’t follow the directions – just did their own thing.  It made for a creative interpretation of their collected texts.