This crit sessions comes quite soon after my tutorial with CC and only a few weeks after my proposal presentation. This created a conundrum in that I have not had studio time to progress my works on paper.

However, it had the effect of focusing my mind to produce something which would feed into the project. I decided to pursue the idea of the balloon and how it might play a part in the outcome of this project.

This highlighted several things I had not considered:

  1. How hard a balloon is to manipulate when it is filled with air.
  2. How working with others creates an uncontrollable element and random outcomes.
  3. How willing people are to work towards an outcome.

I ended up with four balloons:

  1. A partially blown up balloon
  2. A balloon with water
  3. A more blown up balloon with a snippet hat suspended
  4. A balloon filled with water

…..and then I also filled a recycling bag with air and tied it up.

Successful outcomes:

  1. The partially blown balloon was the most successful of the balloons in terms of energy and photographic outcome. GMS and B worked well together bringing an energy to the interaction. Loved watching this and the photos will be useful in development of the project
  2. The balloon’s various properties dictated the way people interacted, but also the people taking part changed the dynamics of the interaction and therefore how the balloons were used.
  3. However, it was the plastic bag which became the star of the show particularly because it was attached to another balloon. The two parts worked well together.

The translucence and suppleness of the plastic bag was really the best photographic representation of the way the space is defined during a dialogical encounter.

However. I now have reservations about the use of plastic vessels and the environmental implication. Originally, I had envisioned paper structures and with the exploration of the filled balloons as disseminating implements I was surprised at how I felt about the use of plastics. However successful the outcomes were the unnecessary environmental impact has caused me to rethink delivery.

The upside to this is that the photographs have provided good visual research and I am looking forward to developing them as inspiration for the prints I am making.  I am really grateful that everyone was so supportive and didn’t mind being part of my project.