“Adversity is the first path to truth” Lord Byron

Perhaps there is a good deal to consider in Lord Bryrons words after all.

Having left the tutorial firmly convinced that I am going to create the experience and now firmly convinced that I do not want to use the balloons for, in the most for environmental reasons, I have made a visual link between my drawings and shrimping nets.

What draws me to them is the fact that facebook randomly (well via some obscure algorithm) brought them to my attention.  So I decided to try them out.

The first one an umbrella shape, fitted with one of the drawings I had imagined.

I came across a different shape, obviously because I had looked at one fishing net, which played to the bottom right drawing above. A drawing which has appeared in variation again and again in my sketchbook since.

They seem so appropriate and when I tested them out on CC and TA I could see just how aware they were (and possibly rather uncomfortable) of the proximity experience.  They became aware of me and the space between us.  Others tried them and confirmed the heightened experience.  This was before I had considered how I might develop them further and play to the advice from CC that repurposing has significance in contemporary artworks. Of course, they were also ready-made thus I was also following advice given by AL that I should not attempt to make a structure myself if I am not an expert…. but I know someone who is an expert upholsterer and seamstress. So I took the nets to her and stayed and we worked on the structures together.

Taking the net and creating an approximation to the drawings by distorting the nets and then covering the outside the next three days saw the shapes develop and become true representations of the experience of a conversation. (a subjective observation I admit)

The choice of covering, a pale grey which gives uniformity to the structures, is non-intrusive visually and, again in my opinion, actually heightens the experience because the form is somehow subjugated to the experience when they are used.

The insides are a soft, welcoming material and invite the user to engage and push forward into the structure and thus amplify the effects of the experience.

The interesting outcome was this spontaneous reaction from BB when putting the structure to her face.  I love that it tied into the snippets.