Look out for for similar nail-biting contests. This is the time services are essence to all.

She is wearing jeans and a black v-neck. She is notoriously difficult to pin down.

Of course I knew it was good, it was sick.

Might the same thing happen?

In 2019, failed by one, passed on to another, a clunker- there might be a little bit of weed. But remember that polls are only a snippet of opinion.

When the toddlers are distracted by the dogs, the excess waste and mass production of plastic toys they can far exceed any margin of error.

Unwanted gifts Tick. Tock helps grow love, and birth. I help spew carbon as soon as my brains gone dry.

A new dawn rises on a new day and I notice I am consistently seeking the brightest opportunities and collaborative approaches.

Silence says much more, even when it’s true that it’s within the bounds of new possibilities.