Josie is such an engaging person and this new set of lectures is as engaging as last years project with her.

I think we all appriciated her interest in us as individuals (her memoriy for who we all are and what we siad was phenominal!) but also she really has a knack of saying it how it is. no flim flam – just straight talking (in a lovely way which makes you smile -even when th eoverall message is a little too real and a bit disapointing you still feel like going YAY. LOL)

She talked about how it is to try and make it as an artist in the real world and what as individuals, we are up against in terms of progressing our careers beyond the suportive network that is the academic institue.

The main message I got was hwo important it is to build a network of supportive and useful contects.

Be real about how you will generate your income and the sources of income available to you.

the routes to success and the likely outcome for many of us who will graduate. I like that she was so forthright. It was nto necessarily a reality check for me as I sm aware of how things are in teh real worls. This was backed up by the figures.

Even as a mid career artist 16 years in JC’s forcast income is something below the minimum/living wage. its an eye opener but I love how real she is.  Its good.  – I for one have had to acknowledge that I need to support my need to be an artist. After 7 years the reality check is I will be happy if it at least pays for itself.

That doesnt change that I want to make it but Im not really looking at Tate sucess! or maybe I should say I really not looking at Tate sucess.

Using a live breif  is a good idea and Im looking forward to working with this as if I want to work on bigger projects or collaboratively on social or artist led projects I need to know how to work the system.IMG_0928.JPG