Quick talk with AL
SO happy that I spoke with Anya and voiced my concerns over my mixed up emotions and the way I have been unable to commit the time I wanted and also how I was not happy with the direction away from any reference to printmaking.
It was good to just say it and get it off my chest. I do now feel a lot calmer.
I showed her the fuzzies and she seemed to like to concept and thought they did heighten the awareness of proximity and intimacy.
She had a few comments:
Fuzzy One seemed a bit weak in comparison to the next two – I agree but may be able to fix this with another seam or two to take up the slack.
She was reasonably happy with the monotone of the covers although felt a little uncomfortable with the feel of the interior material as she thought maybe it would hold other peoples germs – point taken. I may line them – or perhaps provided printed discs to put in.I’ll think about it anyway. I quite like the way it loos soft but actually isn’t really. It could be a reference to how conversations are not always what you expect.
She didn’t necessarily think I would need to make more than the five planned.
Using Kaarst to work out how to present them would be interesting and fun. I agree.

We talked about the printmaking element. I said how disappointed I was that I had not really been able to pursue the experimental elements in printmaking. She said there was still time perhaps – I agree.
I talked through my concept of the colour in the prints and using the fuzzies as references and the use of my sketches. She has suggested that I make a start on ideas and progress them and that there may still be a way to bring in development of both prints and the fuzzies.
She is ranging that I don’t have another tutorial with Chris and I have asked if I could see Mark as he might be very helpful in the development of the book to present the poems. I am excited to talk through the next steps and the I progression of the poems and their presentation
A really positive outcome today