A very interesting tutorial with JC. I came away with a different mindset and a positive energy towards the work that I have accumulated with this project so far.

The way she speaks and her connection to the way things can develop or talk for themselves without complicating the idea has allowed me to think about the pieces as having the integrity to speak for themselves and each other.  We also touched on the idea of creating a set of prints using the photographs I have accumulated during the project.

I think my project research notes need to consider this new information (consideration) more depy and break each part down to its components and ask myself questions on the voice of each piece and its projected part in the projected installation ideas.

these are the notes I took:

Tutorial notes Josie

Comments from Josie, some of which are placed out of order and as I liked this comment such a lot it got promoted!

You’ve got something nice now notice it.

Come back to the things that were important to trigger the idea come back to why

  • Balloons
  • Elements of conversations
  • Language
  • Bodies
  • Silence

Rescent and not present

  • Robert Morris 60’s Action works -Re make at Turbine hall
  • Elastic bands – creating a focus
  • Think about the social context that these works took place in an the kind of forms
  • Think about action and recorded action


Are you inviting them to use on site or to take away –

start less with what the work could do and more what they are asking for.

Tune in to the quality of the thing I have made and how can I make more of that.
The listening project BBC – podcast – sharing the poems

  • Keep the quality – listening  – keep that as a quality – choose a particular voice or place that it is part of the feeling
  • Think about this as the poem – record them in a particular place.
  • Slightly overheard quality
  • Behind a film of something – maybe
  • Don’t complicate it JO!!!!!
  • Creating works with a lightness like the ephemeral nature of a passing conversation

with the constructions

  • How we have to prop or strain to create a dialogue
  • Ask what is the feeling?

Think about how an installation works – Work doesn’t need to replicate. There is a conversation happening and each work is doing a different job.

  • Prints are like an after image they are the image that isn’t quite there anymore – it happened.
  • Voices from an unknown point: The radio is something which is happening  ? Or it could happen and they are half snatched
  • The props are a definition of the intensity in the possibilities ? What are they and how they are they expressing themselves.

Gary – Oliver SacKs physiologist – The man who mistook his wife for a hat.