Its been an interesting series of seminars on developing this fledgling business.  I hope that RD is now able to develop and carry forward a s next series which will concentrate on the developmentof an individual’s focus, and personal professional growth.

Looking at how this project focus process has developed a more rounded and fuller picture of how CAMP will function and it’s focusses

Using the group discussions to clarify the position of CAMP – This process is called Creative Consultancy

Relationships between people
Working together
Sharing information
Learning and development

Defining success
Maintaining and increasing membership in and around Plymouth
Member engagement
Attendance at events
Using new Membership or retained Membership to pay for residency and bursaries
Applications for new chairmanships etc..

Membership satisfaction?
I have extended my practise network
Made new connections
Quality of CAMPS experiences
I am part of the process
I have a sense of community
The platform is interesting

Challenges for CAMP
Making more links
Barriers to more members
What is the unique offer?
What if no one wants to take on leadership

Rituals and shared experiences
Matchmaking through Tags? Likes?
Art peoples Blogs

Get people to go with you
Click and buy Membership
Signing up – a commitment to the ethos – participation
How to be a pirate
Practical advice on making the most of your membership
Offering returnable deposit membership then
Big up £5.50 a month membership
Special thing -like a badge

Shared Experiences
CAMP operations – all come together for a monthly meeting
Communicating the idea of community and shared discussions through format and the spaces in which it takes place – the ambience is important
Welcomers -an important factor is to be remembered.
Hosting – shared eating experience – softening of ‘Proffessional’
Sharing work as a group activity

Change the P?
Support for applications for Bursaries etc.