I am so relieved that, at last, I have been able to take a day out and get back into my studio. It’s still a bit crowded with stuff from the house but I have enough space to work in (even if I couldn’t get a signal on the wi-fi so no music L )


Today wasn’t so much about finding the masterpiece but I did work with forms that related to figures and the concept of the connection they create in spacial dialogues.

I have chosen to work in the three process colours (or an approximation of them) to warm up the jelly which is in surprisingly good condition having been packed away for four months! And, whilst it is a different paper I’m working with, the technique is familiar.

The rice paper I bought from jacksons has a nice feel to it and takes the ink well, its flexible and takes the ink in a way that is pleasing.

161F676E-CD27-479C-9133-01D02856569A_1_105_cExperimenting with the imagery and cut-outs I had made and layering and couple of direct monotype’s have given me an idea of how I might work on larger images.


I may use some of these prints to make into books to hand out with faximilies of the snippets.

One option to develop these initial ideas might be to overprint until I create darks with areas left to shine through. At the moment I am thinking this might act as a connection between the prints and the props/tropes. (Tropes as I have called them now – a figurative link between one thing and another). I will work of this set and overprint to see what happens.