I have been thinking about how to assemble my pieces so that they become the embodiment of my concept and build on the work which has led me to this stage of the project.

I have gathered most of the snippet recordings and am thinking how I can present them in harmony with the bigger elements.

JC had suggested the transparency element, which fitted with my proposal ideas which had eveolved through  AL’s feedback of the rigidity of the square pigeons.

I want people to feel that the encounter/dialogue they set up between themselves and the pieces creates a sense of awareness of themselves as integral to the piece and to the sense of it.

I have been thinking about a circular experience with translucent natural materials with teh props poking through openings and having it layered so that you can see to go into tImage 17-02-2020 at 09.29.jpeghe circle.  this material is FAB, it echoses the fisihg nets used to make th eprops and has sparkly bits like my new worktops.

Ive bought some flexible plumbing pipes an dfittings and am now just thinking how to deiver the sound element.

Small mini speakers in the props. wireless headphones,  or a central plinth, tube of material, something else, but designed to hide the speaker.

I dont want to source to necessariy be here is a source of recordings because I want people to come upon them, be only just able to hear them (like listening through a door or wall – (perhaps thats an idea?)

In some ways this will refer to th eworks of the printmakers like Valgerdur Hauksdottir or others in my collection (see artists research tags on my blog home page)