and This week we have had a great opportunity to set up our work as a Cohort, spend time together and really engage with everyone’s work.  I have really enjoyed just all being together and having a space where we can interact over an extended period.

For my personal project, this has been an opportunity to try things out in a 3D space. It’s all very well thinking about how things might work but until you try it on the ground you just have no idea.

An interesting aside has been finding how we can all work together as a group and then today’s session with Ben Borthwick was an opportunity to voice concerns to the group,; In particular, anticipating the group session at the end of the year and how we can negotiate the problem of sound works when four of us will rely on sound as part of our work. Perhaps as a group that was vital and useful facilitation by Ben.

With regard to my own work:

The starting point was finding a readymade frame I could use to hang the “Snippets” and the material from. I responded to what I was presented with rather than going with the idea in my head.  As I was at a loss as to how I might suspend the snippets in relation to each other when there was nothing to use to attach them to the ceiling in a responsive way.

I tested out how to hang the material on the structure and responded to the idea that I wanted to intensify the experience that the snippets offered. It seemed important to give an all-round experience.  Having created the structure and the wiggly environment I was initially really pleased.

Aesthetically the snippets hung well in the space and CC liked the idea of the way they would present themselves to the audience.  I was pleased with the way they looked but as the day went on I was aware that I wasn’t happy with the confined feeling they gave. The squished area meant that you had to fight the fabric to use the Snippets. Not what I wanted really. On Wednesday I hung the second set of Snippets in their own space and I liked the way they function as objects. This led to the external Snippet by the structure. Again really felt it worked.

But I was struggling with how cramped the prints felt (prints were very well received by CC and BB) BB suggested losing the second trail of fabric so we folded it up over the frame. Immediately felt right (star jump moment).

We discuss the remaining fabric and both felt that it added to the piece in its own right as a veil its relationship to the Snippets.  The encounter created a strange dialogue with someone on the other side, like a confessional and at the same time acting as a strange barrier that was there and jet not. Loved that. The encounter with the Snippets was also enhanced by more space.

The sound piece was problematic. Trying it inside the snippet changed the encounter and I didn’t think it worked (nor did BB). Using the frame as a sounding board meant it was lost in the ambient noise of the room (the acoustics are really problematic in Karst’s Space).

After the Feedback session, I played around with the speaker and found that by placing it behind the wooden wall I got the exact effect I was after. The piece was loud enough to hear, you could zone in and out, and it really featured as a conversation you might catch a bit of. It really seemed to reflect the idea behind it.

By creating the structure I have gained an insight into how I might develop a larger/ longer and BB suggested one that talked about a greater space between people and I think that is a good idea, particularly as I had been thinking I would like one more which was different to the others but still related to them.


The bible paper really didn’t like the damp atmosphere and have gone frilly round the edges. It’s a shame. However, I (and CC and BB) liked the feel of them free from a frame and I will work on another series to see how I can develop a frame-free approach which still keeps the paper flat. (It may be as simple as just taking the supporting card closer to the edges)