In general I am very happy with the outcomes and the chance to think in a space.

The feedback reflected much of my own thinking so that was good.

There were suggestions that:

I broke up the pieces and displayed them separately.

  • there was an element of this already in the two separate areas.
  • I will consider the relationships between things when we are in RWY space
  • There is still a large part of me which will insist on at least somekind of relationship.

I didnt show the prints – they didn’t relate to the piece

  • I pointed out that the whole piece has stemed from the idea of the dialogue printmaking creates and how that has led to the structures now proposed.
  • I hope I was robust in outlining that if there are no prints then there is no MA piece.
  • The prints are the most important element to me.

The sound coud be separate – its own piece

  • I dont entirely agree that it could be a separate piece  entirely as each element is specific in building the framework
  • I cannot afford the suggested parabelum(?) speaker at £6-800 and wouldn’t spend money on something which I may not use again.
  • I actually was really pleased with the sound with the prints
  • sound relating directly to the structures didn’t work as it changed how they were perceived and interacted with.

The structures were badly finished inside

  • The structures are what they are.  I am very happy that they refelct the two people who made them. I do not intend to revisit the sewing. I do not think how they are finished is an important element in this case. The proximal perception and realisation of self and other are what matter here.
  • Also after commenting on the finish there seemed to be other more interesting things to talk about in their making than the tacking stitches. LIke the presense of the netting, the structure being apparent and interesting.
  • I should mention that I used fishing nets in my bio – I cant see the gain in that. Id rather people imagined how (if they needed to) or managed to work it out if they know about fishing nets.

The holding structure was badly finished.

  • I was aware of that – fair feedback
  • Initially there was a comment about the material – but that was OK. Then the little mirrors caught someones eye and the relevance to previous work was picked up on.
  • I talked through my vision that the net would be on a metal pole that will support the veil and mean that it can be hung independentaly of the frame it was on this time.

Prints were cockled

  • This was to do with the dampness in the air of the room and because the paper is very sensitive
  • I will review how to hang the prints but wouldlike to avoid frames if I can. I have bought 10 just in case.
  • I have to accept that the prints I have made are compromised.
  • I’m pleased that their her qualitites were appriciated.

Development of bigger and better structures

  • There was a little concern that I wasnt thinking of developing the structures further and that I had, essentially, already got to a stage where I considered there was a good deal of resolution and any changes where more likely to be technical.
  • I explained that lack of  time and also that I had planned to be very orgainised rather than leave everything to the last minute.
  • I will explore creating a long structure to give a differencet experience – Ive bought a landing net and will see how I can adapt it when it arrivves.