Having gathered all the materials together and arranged to visit with my sister to make the final piece of work for the communication project I learn that the university is closing its facilities and all contact will now be virtual, and now my sister is now in isolation.

Suddenly the whole exercise seems pointless and, in view of the circumstances of the world, irrelevant. That’s a very hard thing to come back from.

I was working on plans to refine my installation rather than to rethink or necessarily progress the work in a different direction.  I had felt everything had come together and I was actually very pleased with the midterm trial at Kaarst.

Now to pay someone to make a bent tube over which to hang the material element or to make the larger piece, which would have been an experiment more than something which was necessary to finalise the meaning of the work? I actually can’t see why I would do it, all the more because the charm of the other snippets was in their fantastic construction and my sewing skills will not match my sisters. I could build a solid structure using the new catch net but it is really too big to store in my house or studio indefinitely whilst we wait to hear if there will or will not be an exhibition of the MA cohorts work. Add to this that actually, any replication other than as a partner to the others will fall short – really writes off the pointless attempt.

I can and probably will make some more prints – but again for why? A photograph of my prints does not present the viewer with their nature and ephemerality. Making more prints would now be nothing more than to show that I wasn’t doing nothing.

I cannot recreate the sense of ‘from somewhere’ for the read snippets in a blog and, in any case, they are intrinsic to the perception of the whole work. In fact, none of the pieces works in isolation. Indeed, it is the very relativity of the work which creates the proper reception of the pieces. So whilst they all stand as having their own integrity they work as a whole in the presence of their audience.  A blog cannot do this for them.

Just as a comment.  This situation is not of the university’s making and I am fully behind their decision to run as they are now. However, on top of all the other issues, this particular MA has had in terms of support from the university itself (this is no reflection of the taught element of this course) has been a final death knell in my view of this whole process.  Its literally stopped any enthusiasm I had for the culmination and closure for this three-year journey. I wonder if others feel the same.

Do I just drop out now? or do I hang in and see if I cant get that piece of paper which says – you worked bloody hard for this and yes you understand what it means to create work in line with a contemporary art practice? I am in two minds.